“Spend winter session learning documentary photography and indigenous arts in South East Asia. Cambodia and Vietnam are rich in history, ethnic peoples and spectacular scenery. On a 27-day guided program, you’ll experience South East Asian culture through an examination of their ancient and contemporary art. Through your lens you’ll capture the splendor of the Asian landscape and understand the ethics and principals of photographing the various people. Students will learn firsthand about the real, practical challenges involved in the survival of various cultures and how individuals are creating works of art as a sustainable source of income.

You will travel to Cambodia and Vietnam with Jon Cox, a professional photographer and veteran of 18 UD study abroad programs on 6 continents. Once in South East Asia, your guides will take you to the depths of the tunnels used in the Vietnam War, up the Mekong River, and to the ancient temples of Angkor Wat. You will exchange experiences and explore the city with Cambodian College students at the Royal University of Phnom Penh. Buddhist Monks will teach you the art of meditation in one of their sacred temples. A documentary service learning project will take you an elephant sanctuary and to with underprivileged youth who are studying photography.

Daily field excursions will be supplemented with nightly discussion about local art, culture, and ethical principals of photography.”

(Thanks IGS for supplying this information)

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